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Our Investment Process

We are fundamentally risk-averse and believe that portfolio allocation must be based on a careful assessment of market risk. Through a combination of diversification, careful attention to the forces that move the markets, and fundamental analysis, MLN utilizes a “safety first” approach to portfolio management.

After careful consideration of your financial goals and objectives, we will recommend an initial asset allocation based on your specific objectives. Our Top-Down Investment Process focuses on the broadest, most impacting decisions first and finishes with specific stock, ETF, and fixed income decisions at the end of the process. An investor can choose from nearly 5,500 U.S. publicly-traded stocks. MLN is concerned with larger macroeconomic trends as well as the fundamental strength and health of individual stocks. MLN employs both a top-down and bottom-up analysis whereby we initially focus on the big-picture state of the overall economy and then use quantitative analysis to screen for stocks that meet our specific criteria – reliable dividends that grow over time and healthy finances.

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