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We offer a complimentary quick-and-easy analysis to help you discover your true "Risk Number"!

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Until now, risk has been difficult to measure. At MLN Investments, we utilize cutting-edge technology that can help describe how much or how little risk you are comfortable with in your portfolio by capturing your unique “Risk Number”. We have partnered with a leading financial technology company called “Riskalyze” to capture a quantitative measurement of your risk tolerance, and use that data to quantify suitability and build customized portfolios that are consistent with your risk tolerance.

This new technology is based on the academic framework called Prospect Theory that won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002. Riskalyze infuses math and science into investment decisions that have historically been emotionally based. Often, we find that many investors’ assets are allocated too aggressively for the level of risk they are comfortable with. This is especially common when the markets have experienced numerous consecutive “up” years, as we have seen most recently.

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